Friday, October 22, 2010

My UD 2009 Mystery Cuts Auto

After waiting for over a year, I finally received my 2009 mystery cuts redemption via FedEx today. These came one per case, so naturally a long wait, and rare case it should come with the expectation of some significant value from the cards. If you consider, case hits from items such as Goodwin Champions where you'd get one of the horse/butterfly cards that sell very well on the secondary market, at least $60 and up, and the hobby box of that was going for less then a box of legendary cuts. Well... Clearly they over produced the legendary cuts product in 2009, because there are very high numbered cards being sent out, and the company refuses to publish the final checklist. Had I known the value of the cuts they were going to produce (and by value, you've got to consider the hack/cut job on the card I got, it's all squiggly like a teenager cut it with an razor), then I would have sold my redemption when I first pulled it...

Anyway, here it is in all its glory... A Don Knotts cut auto #7/9. Secondary market price? Oh, I'd say $20 judging by the don knotts auto auction that just finished... Then again, there's hardly a single straight line on the card, and the (probably can't see it) gluey finger print smudges on the cut auto pic.