Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Piece of History

Here's a pack by pack look at my latest blaster purchase. Pretty much didn't get anything I needed, already had all but 5 of the cards so it would have been a complete waste of money, however the Pujols memorabilia was the saving grace. You can never have enough Pujols memorabilia or autograph cards, it's the cornerstone of any good personal collection.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Historical Predictor

I've finally realized why companies like Upper Deck come out with these silly historical predictor cards! Because they're just so fun to make. They are utterly ridiculous and worthless, but it sure makes "work" more fun when you don't take it at all serious. However, this card is deadly serious, swine flu is dead serious, and for all you know, my historical predictor card might come true. I fully anticipate having to fight zombies with an axe in order to reach sources of fresh water, it's going to be that bad...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Piece of Hollywood... ?

I recently pulled a card containing movie-worn memorabilia from Austin Powers Goldmember. As I look at this card I can't help but think that the piece of memorabilia in this card has a striking resemblance to a piece of Shamwow. While getting movie-worn memorabilia is "sort of cool", and I use the words "sort of cool" quite loosely, it just has to be asked... Why did they not even add the name of the actor on the front of the card? Rest assured it's not the piece of costume that makes the card worth while, it's the actor that wore the costume that adds value. If the costume was something worn by one of the many dancers, you'd find it worth far less.

Since the card looks so much like shamwow, I just had to mess around and make a dual memorabilia shamwow/snuggie card... (Yes, I know the snuggie fabric doesn't match the color on the picture. But neither do half the baseball jerseys you pull, so don't worry about it.) Interesting side note: The piece of Shamwow on this card can even be used to mop up an entire can of soda. Amazing!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Card Idea

Here's another bad card idea. Best part about this card (for the card companies), is that you don't even have to replace penicillin with a different picture because nobody knows what the hell Swine Flu looks like. So here you go... The Swine Flu blue parallel from Upper Deck. Isn't it awesome!!! (yes, that was sarcasm)

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Card Idea So Bad, It's Awesome...

Those Upper Deck 2009 Spectrum of Stars autos are at times, well... less than impressive. Matt Prokop, of High School Musical 3 fame, signed WAY too many cards, and you can't even give them away, but I've got an idea that's right up Upper Deck's alley. (And by that I mean, producing a crappy auto that might actually sell.)

The interwebs are going nutz over the Britain Has Talent star Susan Boyle. You know, that lady that looks like a joke, but then sang brilliantly. (you can see it here if you have no idea what I'm referring to... Naturally she's a perfect candidate for thousands of autographed cards with crappy pics. And here it is... enjoy.

For Mario - Wax Heaven

Non-Sports Short Prints

I just bought a blaster of A Piece of History (aka Artifacts... why the name difference, I have no idea.) and I have to ask, does anybody REALLY card about short prints of non-baseball players that are in a baseball card set? I've now managed to, over the course of 1 hobby box and 1 blaster box, come away with 3 short print cards of "Discovery of Penicillin". WTF!!! Of all the short prints I could possibly get, I get 3 cards that I'd much rather throw in the trash than open in a pack of cards. Does ANYBODY actually collect short prints of the entire set of A Piece of History? If so, I've got some Penicillin cards with your name on 'em. I can't imagine there's really any value in a card that shows a black and white picture of penicillin. Does penicillin have a rookie card, will I ever get a penicillin auto/memorabilia card? Who collects cards of penicillin?! If you're going to add short prints to a set, why not keep it to the ball players, and save us collectors from the utter disgust of opening a pack to find a short print of non sports related events. Just because you only printed 50 cards with pictures of penicillin on them, doesn't make them desirable, but I'm sure your profit margins make you look like geniuses...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Card Idea

You know this one is bound to happen, but it doesn't make it a good idea. Apparently the same guy that paints the football fields and misspells the team names also works for the jersey makers and can't spell Nationals.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Bad Card Idea

Gotta love cut autographs, but what about cut autographs from people that would never sign an autograph? How about a Mickey Mouse auto, Bart Simpson, or "Rip Master" auto? Oh wait, the Rip Master auto actually exists. Whatevs, it's all made up right? What about autos that would never possibly exist??? Like this one...

Surely they didn't have sharpies back in the day, but God can work miracles or whatever, so maybe he manifested some sort of primate permanent ink device. But would he really have written his name in English? Would the Pope be willing to do some PSA grading on this one for authenticity? Awww screw it, it's a bad idea...

Bad Card Idea

Yeah, I've been playing with my image editing software, and think I'll give some random card ideas every now and then that will hopefully never see the light of day. My first card is a dual memorabilia card of A-Rod and Madonna. Oddly enough, if this were an actual card, I bet it would be worth quite a bit seeing as how the two are/were popular celebs. Still, I would hope that I would never find this in a pack of cards, as undoubtedly the Madonna memorabilia would probably be a piece of used underwear...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some random 2009 spectrum numbers

So I'm looking at ebay and wondering, how many of the red parallels are currently up for sale. Ends up, I find 77/100 are available, and could be purchased for roughly the cost of 4 hobby boxes plus shipping. Of the 23 not listed on ebay, I already have doubles of 12 of them. Given that I have doubles of cards that are available as well, I'm finding that for the price of 2 hobby boxes, plus shipping, I could be 11 cards short of a second set of red paralles. Now that certainly speaks to the insanity of buying hobby boxes to finish sets. If I were to open boxes to finish a set of red parallels, assuming 3 reds per box and no doubles, I'd have to buy at least 34 boxes or spend a couple thousand dollars. If anybody wants to save some cash, I'll sell my second set of red parallels for $1000, what a deal!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just opened a box of A Piece of History, and got a few nice cards, but can someone please explain why I just used my money to buy a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey?!? WTF?! Yes, I am fully aware of what the product is, and yes I am aware that at some point in history Thanksgiving was determined to be a holiday, but did anybody really stop to think how retarded it would be to buy a picture of a piece of turkey? I can look at the coupons from the local supermarket each week if I want a pic of a turkey... Geez, and don't even get me started on the penicillin short prints, I must have got a penicillin short print hot box with my blue AND gold variations. What, I couldn't get a short print of a picture of turkey? How about a baseball player holding/eating a turkey, at least I'd feel better about it... Just because it's history, doesn't mean you can't also relate the history to baseball players. Hell, do a 90's Score dream team Canseco/Bo Jackson type of cover shoot, and actually pose some players. (Though a player without his shirt on, eating Turkey is not my point, and would be even more disturbing, but I digress...)

Here... have some Turkey, apparently pictures of Turkey's are now collectible because someone at Upper Deck says so.

Video box break probably will be posted tomorrow...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fantasy League Team

Joined a public Yahoo league and got a pretty good team. Not tons of home runs and stolen bases or saves, but maybe just maybe my team is good enough to compete for the title... Introducing the starting lineup...

Catcher - A.J. Pierzynski

1B - Conor Jackson

2B - Dustin Pedroia

3B - David Wright

SS - Miguel Tejada

OF - Vladimir Guerrero

OF - Bobby Abreu

OF - Andre Ethier

UTIL - Chipper Jones

BENCH - Troy Glaus

BENCH - Travis Hafner

BENCH - Kosuke Fukudome

SP - Brandon Webb

SP - Roy Halladay

RP - Kevin Gregg

RP - Huston Street

P - Josh Beckett

P - Rich Harden

P - Carlos Zambrano

Bench - Gavin Floyd

Bench - Mark Buehrle


Quick Question

Was just wondering... why does the UD Spectrum base set not include a Pedroia card??? That is all... carry on.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend hits...

I mixed it up a little this weekend and got some basketball card boxes at a local card show at amazingly good prices. Made me want to buy more, but I have a limited budget for these things. Now I'm not a huge follower of basketball, but I am quite aware of all the talented rookies that went to the draft this year, and I was hoping to get a card or two. I find it's also very difficult not to like LeBron or at least be excited when you pull a card like this...

I'm a bit of a KU fan, so this nice dual auto of Brandon Rush/Roy Hibbert was pretty sweet...

Also, I found this card in a bargin bin, and am thinking I might be sending it to a random person I trade with as a joke, because frankly... this card is the dumbest card I've ever seen. Please stop attaching wax packs to a suit coat rip master, it makes me think you have a social/mental disorder. And signing a card as Rip Masters doesn't make it a certified auto! Your name is not Rip, it's Alan.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

2009 Spx hits

Compared to 2008 SPx, the 2009 SPx hits are lacking. Maybe I just want to see more rookie signatures, I don't know. But to open a box and get only 1 auto of Denard Span just sucks. I do see that there are more dual memorabilia cards, but how the hell did I get another Coco Crisp flashback fabrics card? If I'm getting 2 cards from 2 random boxes, then there's got to be lots of them. 2008 was much more stacked with auto'ed short prints on cards that are frankly more appealing, these 2009 designs are too sterile. I even purchased a box of 2000 SPx yesterday for $15 and the designs on these cards are amazing, much more appealing to me as a collector...

The hits from my 2009 Spx Box...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 Spectrum Red Parallel Set

I received the Randy Johnson red parallel today direct from Markus in Germany and have now officially completed the set of 100 red parallels!!! Took some time, some searching, but it's an accomplishment never the less to complete a set that is limited to only 250 of each card. And here's the evidence...