Monday, December 7, 2009

Topps T206

Busted a box of T206. Had no expectations going in, as I hadn't done my due diligence to know what to find in a box. For the price point, I kind of expected to get an A&G/Goodwin Champions type of experience. I wasn't wrong. The cards are very reminiscent of A&G. However, from my one box experience, I didn't find the return value from the box to match the price very well. A Glen Perkins, and Ryan Braun auto were the two hits, and I got a gold foil McCutchen mini #/50, but that was about it. Since A&G is typically very popular, it makes sense that Topps would introduce a second A&G-like product, but by creating a similar product you essentially take away from the uniqueness of the original.


  1. That was probably a good box, right? A Braun auto. I like T206 but I agree the price is too high for what u get.

  2. Yup yup, boxes are priced way too high for the return value. Honestly from what i've seen of box breaks for this product, you got lucky with this box. Honestly a Braun auto from any set is none too shabby, and McCutchen cards have a hot spot in the market for now.

    For as much as people seem to be criticizing this set, there certainly are a bunch of posts on it so clearly people are buying. I'm sure I'll fall into a couple packs eventually as well.

  3. I've already opened one box, and suspect another may be arriving for Xmas. My feelings are pretty much the same as yours. You did pretty well, all things considered. I pulled a Jordan Zimmerman sticker auto, and a Michael Young bat card. If the base set wasn't to mediocre, this could be a great set..... at $50/ box.