Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Topps Sterling/Topps Tribute Weekend

I once again blew copious amounts of cash on a couple boxes of Topps Sterling and a box of Topps Tribute. Seems I'm now starting to accumulate these white Topps Sterling wooden boxes but have no reason for them. Maybe somebody out there is interested in these. If so, let me know. Anyway, let's get to the hits from this weekend.

2009 Topps Tribute Lance Berkman relic #/50

2009 Topps Tribute Alex Rodriguez triple relic #/75

2009 Topps Tribute Keith Hernandez relic auto #/75

2009 Topps Tribute Keith Hernandez relic auto #/99

2009 Topps Tribute Duke Snider relic/auto #/75

2009 Topps Tribute Mickey Mantle relic #/99

2009 Topps Sterling General Edward Montgomery cut auto #/7 (case hit)

2009 Topps Sterling Dale Murphy quad relic auto #/10

2009 Topps Sterling Joe Mauer triple patch relic #/25

2009 Topps Sterling Jimmie Foxx #/5

2009 Topps Sterling Rogers Hornsby quad relic #/10

2009 Topps Sterling Tony Gwynn Triple Relic #/25

2009 Topps Sterling base cards...

Some blue and a black 2009 Topps Tribute parallels...


  1. Those are really nice! I wouldn't mind a box.Is there anyhing else you collect or save besides what on your want list??

  2. Sweet Joe Mauer! You had some nice pulls there.