Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Starting Over

This may come as a surprise to some, but I've actually decided to start over with my card collecting. And by start over I don't mean to say I'm quitting collecting, rather I'm selling the bulk of my current collection (or at least the most significant cards in the collection - Most of which have images displayed somewhere on this blog), and starting over opening new packs of cards. I have already sold almost all of the cards of significant value that I have no interest in keeping and can say I've easily surpassed a few thousand dollars. I have other hobbies beyond collecting cards and this money will be going to make a major purchase unrelated to card collecting.

As part of this new beginning, I've also decided to send out a couple of "care packages" to a couple of bloggers I've traded with in the past. I'm actually pretty excited about sending these packages out, because based on what I put in the package I know how excited I would be if I were to get one... Hopefully the contents in these packages finds good homes for cards that would fit well into your personal collections. (Drew, enjoy the Cano... Marie, take good care of the #50/50 Pujols.)

For people looking to complete sets, I still have many commons listed in the trade sheet links, so those are still available... Rest assured, I will be posting some newly busted boxes of cards soon (most likely a box of Topps Sterling).


  1. Not sure if your auctions are completed or not, but what is your ebay id... just so I can check things out!

  2. Great blog!

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  3. The auctions are already completed...

  4. That was an AWESOME, AWESOME, care package. Best mail I have been sent in a looooong time. I sent you an e-mail earlier also. =)

  5. i just did this as well
    startd going for all yankee retro cards.
    but it got too daunting for a small time collector like me.
    So, i went and narrrowed it to Ginter, Gardner & Game USed stuff.

    i love the ginter cards, love brett gardner and love the jersey cards.

    there should be enough hunting to kep me busy.

    I did 5 deals with bloggers already to help the collection.


  6. Hey look at this comment, it's actually in english!