Saturday, August 7, 2010

2010 Topps Tribute Box Break

So, here's the first large chunk of cards I've busted in a while. Several boxes of 2010 Topps Tribute, as I'm sure everyone is well aware, the product is pretty hit or miss. Either you get a big hit or not much at all (based purely on secondary market values), and for the most part I missed. Truth be told, the cards are better quality this year over last, and there are just tons of hall of famers in the product... Too bad nobody seems to care.

Here's what I got...


  1. There are some nice cards there ! I for one do care about about the HOFer's. I have one box dedicated to to those players and am a very big baseball history buff ! Are you still collecting Casey Blake ?

  2. I still have all my Casey Blake cards.... yes.

  3. Oh My

    I have to bother you for a trade involving that Maraki so I can hang it over Beardy's head...

    I have the hardware..



  4. Email me if you're interested in the redemption. And check out my next post, coming soon, it includes a 1/1 of an Oriole.