Monday, January 19, 2009

2008 Sweet Spot (good and bad)

I was just looking at some of the 2008 sweet spot and thinking that the base cards are far better than the sweet swatch card. Taking away the potential value of the actual game used "piece" of fabric, the sweet swatches are by in large unartistic and less impressive visually than the base set. The base cards include the embossing of the baseballs seam, while the sweet swatches do not. The base cards fill the entire card with colorful pictures, while the sweet swatches fill only half the card with an uninspired player picture. In reality, shouldn't the quality behind the sweet swatch be better than the base set, so as to provide added emphasis, making the sweet swatch a card not only to be desired for it's potential monetary value, but also for the unique and attractive design.

Base card...

Sweet Swatch...

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