Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Relapse Back Into Wax Packs

Ok, so I'm starting this blog because I've recently relapsed and have become slightly addicted to collecting cards once again. I kid, I was never really ever addicted, and am not currently addicted, but I do enjoy the excitement of finding a great hit in a pack of random cards. (On the other hand, I greatly despise opening a box and getting nothing but useless inserts of no value either book or on the secondary market.)

The background, I started collecting right around 1985, just in time for the rapid expansion of card production and the intro to cards with little value. I continued collecting through high school (ie. into the early 90's). I have quite a few cards and used to collect Ken Griffey Jr., McGwire, and a few others. I actually have quite a few cards from the mediocre stars of that time period, and I think I probably bought the most cards during 1987.

So here I am now, all grown up, and as I was shopping for Christmas presents this year, I happened to pick up a blaster box from Toys R Us, and opened it. It was a box of Upper Deck Series 2, which contained a game used card. Granted I've been out of touch with the hobby for over 10 years, so seeing this got me excited and I started reading up on everything! I started buying hobby boxes, selling cards I didn't want on ebay (both from my original collection as well as new pulls). The itch needless to say is back, and I'm getting back in. I forgot how much I enjoyed being a kid, and of all the things I choose to be in my life, I choose to always have a bit of kid in me, and returning to this hobby is a great way to maintain some of the kid in me.

So where do I go from here? Well, simple, I plan to buy cards again (when it fits within the budget - as if I have a budget), post box break videos when I think of it, post pics of some of my hits (one of which I will post here shortly), buy missing cards for my collection when finding the card I want is not reasonable to do via box breaks. I've decided to start focusing on Casey Blake cards (since we went to the same school growing up), and I've already scored a 1999 Fleer Update. I'm also building a pretty good starter collection of Evan Longoria and Kosuke Fukudome (the name always makes me giggle a little inside). In addition, I enjoy the higher end insert autos and I may break some of those boxes every once in a while as well.

So there it is, my relapse back into card collecting... be easy on me, I feel like a newbie all over again!

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