Saturday, June 27, 2009

2007 Bowman's Best Tim Lincecum

Pulled this card from a mini box today, and it looks fantastic, but as I was looking at the back something jumped out to me as being grossly inaccurate. I'm sure people have noticed this long ago (well two years ago at least), but the Tim Lincecum height, weight, and throwing data on the back is WAY off. He's listed as 6'10, 420 lbs, and throws as a lefty.

He's 5-11, throws right (just look at the card), and surely doesn't weigh 420 lbs. Way to go Bowman, give me a great card, and lower my expectations with bad editing. I was about to say how much I think 2007 Bowman's Best is one of the best hobby boxes for your money (and I guess I can still say that), but if it's really "Bowman's Best", shouldn't it also be error free?


  1. Yeah, wow, he's fat stuff now

  2. sweet card... i've always wanted to pull a lincecum autographed rookie card. congratulations.

  3. Hey i have allot of those 09 heritage cards you need..... hit me up if you want them!