Saturday, September 26, 2009

A 2009 Legendary Cuts Case Hit

My freakin' luck continues. So in the past week, I've bought several boxes of cards. The first hit I got was getting 2 Goodwin champions black foil mini magician cards in one box. Then I got a horse hair cut card in another box. Today, I purchased a 2009 Legendary Cuts box, and walked away with a mystery cuts exchange card! Woo-hoo! Now, I knew I've been feeling lucky this past week, but seriously, this isn't normal. The mystery cut card alone would likely sell from $175-$350! And if I exchange it, god knows what I could end up with. Hm, the dilemma, do I sell or exchange?

Also, I have 4 hobby boxes of 2007 Bowman's Best on the way to me, so stay tuned as I will bust those boxes once they arrive! And to make things better for anyone that reads, I think I will be giving away 33 card base sets of Bowmans Best (I've already got something like four of the 33 card base sets that I don't need).


  1. I should have such decisions to make ! That's great,don't know that I want a horse hair card though. Unless maybe it's from The Lone Ranger's Trigger !! I keep looking for Blake cards but can't come up with any you don't already have, but I do have a 2008 Bowman Chrome 148 Troy Glaus I'll send your way.

  2. Agreed on the horse hair. I already sold it for $80. So essentially I got a free box of cards from that, which is ok in my book. I did happen to get a 2009 Goodwin Champions Kelly Shoppach Indians autograph card, so if you don't already have it and want it, just say the words and it's yours.

  3. Damn man, that is some luck. Nice going!

    I wish I were half as lucky when it comes to bustin boxes.

  4. I'll definitely take the Shoppach auto ! Thanks