Saturday, July 18, 2009

A 2009 A&G card I didn't want

So I got this card today in a box of A&G, it's an Iris Kyle relic card. The problem here comes down to a simple issue. This relic is essentially a piece of swimsuit which was likely touching her body in one of 3 places butt, breast, or "vanessa". I'm all for sexy celebrities relics, or whatever, but Topps essentially just cut up some chicks bra/panties and put it on a card, and that is weird. The only bra/panty relics I want are ones I pick up off my bedroom floor. Yeah, I just said that...

Hell, I wouldn't want a piece of Schwarzenegger's banana hammock either, you know what was touching that?! That's gross too. If you insist on giving me a Ms. Olympia card, give me an auto, that's something I can accept without feeling like a perv...


  1. Just from the looks of "her", that might be a piece of her banana hammock too!