Friday, July 17, 2009

UD Icons

I bought a blaster of 2009 Icons today, and I'm kinda left scratching my head. Maybe I don't entirely like the design, maybe it's the price point ($70 for a hobby box of 60 cards) maybe it's the unimpressive design, maybe it's the continued failure of printing (some cards I got had a silver residue in wrong locations of the card), it just all adds up little by little as to why I'm not a huge fan of this release. To say something positive, I DO like the foil short print/jersey cards, if for no better reason than because I like the shine of the foil cards...

You'll notice the odd silver traces on the top left quadrant of the card, beneath the baseball...

I just look at the card of Evan Longoria, compare to the card I made the other day in only about 10 mins, and think which card would I rather get in a pack. In many ways, I'd probably prefer my own (and not just because I made it.)

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