Monday, July 20, 2009

From the Vault

Here's a few cards I've had for a long time, a few 1980 Topps basketball cards of Jabbar, Erving, and Bird. I originally got these from my brother back in the day (which was a Wednesday), so the reason they are separated and not part of 3 piece cards is all his fault. It's really quite tragic that they are separated, as these are a few of the all time greats... Makes me shake my head in shame to know that at one point the card, at least the Bird card, was connected to the Magic Johnson/Julius Erving trio. The lesson here is to never rip apart perforated cards. (And never try to cut apart a sheet of cards by hand. I'm pretty sure I bought a sheet of 85 Topps baseball from Toys R' Us back then, and cut the cards up by hand with those crazy safety scissors that kind of gnawed the cardboard instead of cut it. So stupid...)

On a side note: I'm pretty sure I'll be going to The National next week, hopefully busting wax, taking some videos, etc.

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