Sunday, October 25, 2009

Legendary Cuts hits.

Some less impressive legendary cuts hits from this weekend. It sucks knowing that most of these cards aren't really worth more than a couple bucks based on previous ebay sales.


  1. There are some nice cards there! The market just isn't what it used to be.You can buy most common star, game used cards pretty cheap if you look around.Especially the HOF'ers.Like people are losing interest.As always, I'm interested in the Martinez card!I'll check your want lists again and email you.

  2. It's weird - I understand why these cards aren't worth anything any more. The market is absolutely flooded with relics and they've become a bit stale. I still love 'em, but I'm not a typical big money collector.

    But why are people still so willing to drop big bucks on relic heavy products? You KNOW you're almost guaranteed to NOT pull anything of value from a $10 pack of Legendary Cuts, so if value is what you're after - and most collectors are - why buy it?

  3. It's a shame these carry such little value, cuz they are about as nice looking as any cards that have come out this year. I won a lot of on ebay that was probably the person's hits from a box, some great players including the legend being a HoFer, the weak link as far as collectibility is concerned probably being Magglio Ordonez, who's still a great player. Less than $5, not counting shipping. Unreal.