Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Rant on Weekend Specials

I buy lots of cards at the local card shop and also online whether it's ebay or other web based retailers. There's always a sale somewhere, but what really insults me is when a sale is posted that is not at all a sale! Case in point, this sale this weekend on Topps Chrome, boxes are $0.64 off which is only about 1.5% off. Really, 64 cents off?! You have to advertise a sale like that?! Kind of insulting when you think about it, if you can offer that price on the weekend, you could offer that price every day of the week. Please, for the love of God, don't advertise anything less than 10% off, I've never once heard someone gush over saving 64 cents on $50 dollars even from the most frugal of individuals. If you really wanted to move product you'd offer a sale that nobody could refuse, and believe me, 64 cents is VERY easy to refuse.

Ok, that's my rant...

I have lots of Evan Longoria cards available for trade, if your interested, look at my spreadsheet, then email me and make a decent offer...

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