Thursday, November 19, 2009

1993 Bowman Hobby Box

When it comes to card collecting I think there are certain players/cards that we all think are must haves. For me one of them was a Jose Canseco 86 Donruss RC. Recently I also came to the conclusion that a Derek Jeter RC should be part of that mix. He is undoubtedly a future hall of famer, and one of the most collectible players in any card release, so adding a RC of his to my collection just seems right. Maybe it's a personal preference, but when I want a RC I like to actually obtain the card from a wax pack. So for an easy and affordable way to get a Jeter rookie I purchased a 1993 Bowman hobby box. Opening the packs I found the cards were rather stuck together, but about 5 packs in, there it was a Jeter rookie, and in pretty much perfect condition. Of course the box doesn't have many other cards of value other than a Pettitte RC (which I also got), but for the money (about $30), this is certainly one of the best ways to get a Jeter RC.


  1. It certainly is a must have! This is the card that got me started on serious collecting. I got it in my xmas stocking when I was 10 and haven't looked back since. Great card

  2. Yeah, 1993, thanks for the proof read. I also opened a 2003 Spx box, so I had that on my mind...

  3. Nice! I didn't realize boxes could be had so cheap, not that I've checked recently. I'll have to pick up a box of 93 Bowman.