Monday, November 16, 2009

UD 20th Anniv.

Tiger won in Australia this weekend to finally win a competition on every playable continent. I buy a lot of cards so I have a lot of cards, here's the UD 20th anniversary T.Woods cards I've got. According to Beckett, these cards should be worth $32-80 total, a quick look on ebay and you can find lots of his 2001 (rookie) cards such as this one have sold for as little as $4 for 39 cards and many of his 20th anniversary UD cards go unsold at $1. Here's to hopefully opening a pack one day and finding a Tiger Woods auto...


  1. Half the reason that the 20th Aniversary cards are so worthless is because so many people have outwardly expressed their dislike for them. Now even people that would normally consider spending money to collect them have backed off because they feel that they will be worthless in the future, based on the general disdain expressed toward these cards. Honestly, I can appreciate the set and can definitely see these cards having latent value. When this generation of young card collectors is upwards of 60 years old I can see them wanting cards that represent sports and pop culture from the 90's and zeds. I just wish that they had limited the set to actually important events rather than half of the mundane stuff that they use these cards to commemorate.

  2. Hey you never know, it might become cool to collect all of the cards that you hated when you were younger lol

  3. The cards are worse quality than anything Upper Deck has put out this year, and I think that's actually the biggest problem. That, and the fact that they're inserted across all brands, no matter the cost. It's lame to pull one of those in a pack of Legendary Cuts or SPx...