Friday, November 13, 2009

2009 Sweet Spot

Just opened a box of 2009 Sweet Spot... Bonus to UD for the on card autos (mine was a Jordan Zimmerman #27/65), very nice. The base cards are of seemingly good quality, we like that. The memorabilia cards, are eh, nothing special which shows in the ebay sales. My sweet spot signature card of Fausto Carmona was like a kick in the groin, why do I keep getting Fausto Carmona cards, really... The overall value of the box (which is one thing I look at when opening a product), was not that impressive. I looked up ebay sales, and found someone sold the same exact four memorabilia cards that I got in my box for about $8. So I just spent almost $100 for less than $20 of cards...


  1. I'd love to trade for the Winfield and the Jeter if they are available. Shoot me an email at if you're interested

  2. Too bad the value of the jerseys isn't so good, because you absolutely killed it on players. No stinkers at all there.

  3. That ensures I won't buy any of that to bust. I'd be happy with the Yaz and Mauer jersey cards, but it looks like I could get them much cheaper.