Thursday, May 28, 2009

Consolidating my collection

In an attempt to further consolidate my collection and focus more on just Longoria's, and frankly because I've lost interest in completing the spectrum base card subsets. I've decided to sell/trade off all of the spectrum game used jersey/patch cards, green parallels, and black parallels. What this means... If you are looking for a green/black/jersey of someone and would rather trade for it than buy it on ebay, then send me an email ASAP (as they are heading to the bay this weekend...) I have both Jeter light blue jersey cards #/99, 2 black pujols #/50, a roy halladay auto patch #/50, griffey and chase utley patches #/25. Over 50 different green paralles (lincecum, pujols, mauer, ichiro), and about 40 black parallels. (list of cards here... link)