Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spectrum of Stars

I came to a conclusion recently... I have almost all of the 2009 Spectrum of Stars cards, and I could really care less. The cards are mostly actors that are no longer relevant. And the ones that are worth anything are sex objects or drug users. Why would I want these, when I could have a killer Longoria card?! So, I'm selling them all. I already sold my Kim Kardashian card for higher than any sane person should buy it for, but let's just say I'm now half way to purchasing a 2006 Bowman longoria auto. What would you rather have, a set of spectrum of stars, or a 2006 Bowman Longoria auto?! The decision for me was simple. So here's to me for selling an autographed card of a person who's only really famous for getting video taped while in the act...


  1. Do you have the Burt Reynolds? If so, would you consider trading it?