Friday, May 22, 2009

What a Card Show Shouldn't Be

I was looking the other day at card shows in my area as advertised in beckett. I found one that was happening this weekend Fri-Sun within 10-15 miles or so from where I live. I figured since I will probably be busy tomorrow with company, I'd go check this thing out really quick tonight, maybe see if there's any Longoria cards available within a reasonable price that could be had. (I have 87 different cards currently, and a hell of a long way to go...) So it's at a local mall, and I'm thinking if it's a mall show then worst case scenario I'll see 10-15 tables minimum, and at least find 1 or 2 Longoria auto'ed cards that I don't have yet. Boy was I wrong, I walked around the entire mall and eventually found a corner where there were probably 5-10 tables setup, but only 1 guy sitting behind. Almost too embarassed to be the guy that looks at cards at some random table, I sucked it up and went and looked. More or less the guy was selling fairly common base cards for some of the well known stars from the 80's, 90's and today. No wax packs to purchase that I could tell, and the Longoria's that he had clearly made a point to set in view of people checking out the table were VERY common cards that I obviously had, and could purchase off ebay for $1-2. I was furious that I even wasted my time to look at this stuff, furious that beckett would advertise this abomination as a "card show", so I came to the conclusion that card shows must follow 2 rules.

1. Have lots of cards. (unopened wax, commons, hard to find cards, etc)
2. Don't suck.

On a brighter note, I got some Longoria cards in the mail today...

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  1. It's been years since I've been to a decent card show. It's hard enough to find a decent shop, let alone entire show!

    Most that I HAVE seen in the past couple years prey on uneducated consumers or little kids. Case in point - I went to shop a year ago (in San Diego) with my nephew to find him a Mike Cameron card since he was his favorite player. I found one standard, base issue (from 07 Topps, or something like that), being sold for THREE DOLLARS. Are you freakin' kidding?!?! Beckett always used to claim that "local" favorites my be worth a premium, but not THAT premium. The shop has since closed.

    Anyway, yeah... sorry your card show sucked, but I like your blog!