Friday, May 1, 2009

Players I'm Always Destined to Pull

I've noticed that recently I tend to pull the same player card even when I buy hobby boxes or blasters from different stores. I can go to the hobby shop one day, Target the next, walmart the next, and end up with three cards of the same player that are short printed or memorabilia. Would one say this is destiny? Am I destined to own cards of this player? Maybe. So this recently happened for me with two different players, earlier this year (and to a slight extent still ongoing) I kept getting Roy Hallady's short print, autos, and memorabilia's. This month, I've received 2 short prints and a memorabilia card of Francisco Liriano from Upper Deck A Piece of History, but I've yet to get a single Evan Longoria or David Price. So the question is, which player are you always destined to pull???


  1. I have this problem with Chipper Jones. Seriously.

  2. I wish I could pull Hallady's like that! You don't much up on the want lists and I have not bought any of the products you have listed, but I did win 2 packs of UD Series 1 from The Easy Life and would you believe it I have 4 of the cards you need 128 306 421 and 489. I don't know what else you are looking for. I did have an extra 2008 Allen & Ginter A&G ad back Longoria mini, but I have traded it away already.

  3. I forgot to answer your question, I haven't bought very much of the 2009 Topps series one but I got either Matt Tuiasosopa or Angel Salome in every pack. I got like 4 each of those guys with no one else more than doubles. I also attract Kelly Johnson and Brian Mccann 2008 Allen & Ginter minis for some reason.