Monday, March 30, 2009

From the Vault

I don't even post on this blog many of the cards I pull, and I probably am lucky to youtube half the boxes I open (if that, which is saying something considering I have posted 30 videos in about 4 months). I do pull some good cards on occasion, and even purchase a good card now and then off of the bay, so I'll try to share a bit of my personal collection here now and then... I'm thinking I've probably got some pretty cheesy King B cards from the early 90's, cracker jack mini topps cards, cards that don't even display a brand name, cards that are special/valuable to me for one reason or another.

These first couple cards I'm posting just because I like them, and they are short printed game used jerseys. Given my initial collection back in the 90's included many Griffey's, the first card here is the 2009 Spectrum Swatch of Ken Griffey Jr. #6/25. And similarly nice is the Swatch of Chase Utley #17/25.

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