Monday, March 2, 2009

A thought on gimmicks...

If you're going to gimmick cards (such as Tom Glavine and Hanley Ramirez in Topps Heritage), why wouldn't you gimmick the most collected players? Isn't the point of a gimmick to drive demand for more purchases? If you're going to gimmick a player that nobody collects, then the demand won't be there and you won't be creating anything special or valuable. If one were to put a limited number of gimmicked Pujols or Jeter cards, however, there would be a demand by those collectors that attempt to collect all of those players cards, as well as those players wanting to complete entire sets including gimmicks. So rather than spend wasted time making cards nobody cards about and aren't likely to even collect, why not gimmick cards that will actually drive demand?

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