Sunday, March 29, 2009

SPx Hits

I decided with as often as I put cards on ebay or post pics here, I should probably stop taking pics with my iphone and provide better image quality, so I went and got a scanner. I decided to test the unit out by scanning a few of the hits from the 2009 UD SPx box I opened the other day... Here they are...

Kevin Youkilis/Dallas McPherson - Auto

Papelbon/Rivera - Game Used

Hiroki Kuroda/Takashi Saito/Hong-Chin Kuo - Game Used

Victor Martinez - Auto/Game Used

Ah, those look SOOOO much better than those fuzzy iphone pics!


  1. My iphone is only used for mid range pics. I hope they fix that in the new version. Anyway, what did you pay for the box?

  2. I bought the box at the local card store, so I ended up paying 10-20% more than I would have liked. Probably should have got it from or something...