Friday, April 24, 2009

Non-Sports Short Prints

I just bought a blaster of A Piece of History (aka Artifacts... why the name difference, I have no idea.) and I have to ask, does anybody REALLY card about short prints of non-baseball players that are in a baseball card set? I've now managed to, over the course of 1 hobby box and 1 blaster box, come away with 3 short print cards of "Discovery of Penicillin". WTF!!! Of all the short prints I could possibly get, I get 3 cards that I'd much rather throw in the trash than open in a pack of cards. Does ANYBODY actually collect short prints of the entire set of A Piece of History? If so, I've got some Penicillin cards with your name on 'em. I can't imagine there's really any value in a card that shows a black and white picture of penicillin. Does penicillin have a rookie card, will I ever get a penicillin auto/memorabilia card? Who collects cards of penicillin?! If you're going to add short prints to a set, why not keep it to the ball players, and save us collectors from the utter disgust of opening a pack to find a short print of non sports related events. Just because you only printed 50 cards with pictures of penicillin on them, doesn't make them desirable, but I'm sure your profit margins make you look like geniuses...

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