Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just opened a box of A Piece of History, and got a few nice cards, but can someone please explain why I just used my money to buy a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey?!? WTF?! Yes, I am fully aware of what the product is, and yes I am aware that at some point in history Thanksgiving was determined to be a holiday, but did anybody really stop to think how retarded it would be to buy a picture of a piece of turkey? I can look at the coupons from the local supermarket each week if I want a pic of a turkey... Geez, and don't even get me started on the penicillin short prints, I must have got a penicillin short print hot box with my blue AND gold variations. What, I couldn't get a short print of a picture of turkey? How about a baseball player holding/eating a turkey, at least I'd feel better about it... Just because it's history, doesn't mean you can't also relate the history to baseball players. Hell, do a 90's Score dream team Canseco/Bo Jackson type of cover shoot, and actually pose some players. (Though a player without his shirt on, eating Turkey is not my point, and would be even more disturbing, but I digress...)

Here... have some Turkey, apparently pictures of Turkey's are now collectible because someone at Upper Deck says so.

Video box break probably will be posted tomorrow...

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