Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Piece of Hollywood... ?

I recently pulled a card containing movie-worn memorabilia from Austin Powers Goldmember. As I look at this card I can't help but think that the piece of memorabilia in this card has a striking resemblance to a piece of Shamwow. While getting movie-worn memorabilia is "sort of cool", and I use the words "sort of cool" quite loosely, it just has to be asked... Why did they not even add the name of the actor on the front of the card? Rest assured it's not the piece of costume that makes the card worth while, it's the actor that wore the costume that adds value. If the costume was something worn by one of the many dancers, you'd find it worth far less.

Since the card looks so much like shamwow, I just had to mess around and make a dual memorabilia shamwow/snuggie card... (Yes, I know the snuggie fabric doesn't match the color on the picture. But neither do half the baseball jerseys you pull, so don't worry about it.) Interesting side note: The piece of Shamwow on this card can even be used to mop up an entire can of soda. Amazing!

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  1. Oh man, I gotta get my hands on the Shamwow/Snuggie dual materials card. Seriously, if they actually made this, I'd be looking for it on Ebay right now.