Monday, April 20, 2009

Some random 2009 spectrum numbers

So I'm looking at ebay and wondering, how many of the red parallels are currently up for sale. Ends up, I find 77/100 are available, and could be purchased for roughly the cost of 4 hobby boxes plus shipping. Of the 23 not listed on ebay, I already have doubles of 12 of them. Given that I have doubles of cards that are available as well, I'm finding that for the price of 2 hobby boxes, plus shipping, I could be 11 cards short of a second set of red paralles. Now that certainly speaks to the insanity of buying hobby boxes to finish sets. If I were to open boxes to finish a set of red parallels, assuming 3 reds per box and no doubles, I'd have to buy at least 34 boxes or spend a couple thousand dollars. If anybody wants to save some cash, I'll sell my second set of red parallels for $1000, what a deal!

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